Plus is equal in ‘Vogue’


Great statement of Lane Bryant… Plus is equal


Plus size fashion retailer Lane Bryant is ready to remind the fashion industry that all women are equal with their mysterious new ad campaign featured in the latest issue of Vogue Magazine.
The silhouette of 6 plus size women with the phrase #PlusIsEqual is written across the bottom of the page. Considering Lane Bryant tweeted out a pic of the spread, we’re assuming the brand is behind this campaign. They’re the ones who did the #ImNoAngel ads.


In this magazine where there are no plus size women/models to be found but maybe that’s the ingenious part of this campaign? Vogue is already under fire for not using any plus models in the issue so the conversation has already begun. There are no ‘inbetweenie’ or ‘average size’ models in Vogue anyway. Only Adele was ones in their issue. And some gorgeous models in lingerie. As statement, like in the Italian Vogue. But further there is no size diversity in ‘the queen of the magazines’. So sadly… I think they could make the difference…. they could make the ‘change’.


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