Plus size designer Ashley Nell Tipton is the winner!


Ashley Nell Tipton couldn’t find clothing she liked in her size, so she started designing….


Ashley Nell Tipton, is the first plus size fashion designer to ever appear on Project Runway. Last week was the final and Ashley won this season of Project Runway USA. Her romantic designs inspired by 1950s-era Mexico City proved that the show should probably consider casting more talent that designs for women size 14 and up. The collection was already BIG NEWS, when it was showed during NYC Fashion week.


Growing up, Tipton couldn’t find clothing she liked in her size, so she started designing and making clothes with the help of her grandmother, who taught her how to sew. She applied to be on Project Runway after her grandmother’s death.


“I’m trying to put plus-size on the map” Ashley recently told BuzzFeed News. “We can be fashion-forward.”

“We should just all wear what we want,” she told BuzzFeed News in a phone interview. Some people think every fat person is leading ‘an unhealthy lifestyle’, as she put it, but their judgment is pointless: “You need clothing to wear, so why are we going to make those people who decide to live that kind of life feel like crap and not have anything to wear?”

Last year Tim Gunn told, “I would like to do a season of ‘Project Runway’ where every model is larger than a size 12”. And I think what happened this season is even better!
I think it’s great finally a designer who designs for the plus size woman, has won this competition. It’s about time… plus size in the spotlight in a positive way. I think when a designer is a plus size woman herself, she knows what women, in larger sizes, want! Well done, Ashley and congrats!


In this runway also was a Dutch inbetweenie model, Danielle (In the middle)… the 1st Dutch curvy model on the runway during NYC Fashionweek.


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  • hi Ashley I’m a 14 and my weight always up and down I love clothes I love project runway you are a beautiful designer I would love to purchase some of your clothing I will be looking to see more of your collection coming out soon you look great on home& family this morning I love your purple hair my favorite color keep making those plus sizes we need you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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