(Plus) size diversity

Discussion about sizes is a big issue! fullerfigurefullerbust.com and dailyvenusdiva.com wrote an article about this. The skinny versus curvy (read plus size) woman is not a war. And it should be side by side. As I have said many times: size diversity in fashion! And even in the plus size industry we can see 2 groups: inbetweenies and full figured models. A lots of inbetweenies work in the plus size industry. Because the sample sizes are 40-42-44, max 46 (EU). And often people call them too skinny or not plus size at all.

‘Fuller figure fuller bust’ says: “I will never hate skinny women. Do you know why? Because I am not at war with anyone but myself”

‘Daily Venus Diva’: “A great debate is going on, seeing a picture of a model: ‘Is she plus sized?’, ‘What size is this model?’, ‘This model is obese!’, ‘This model is too skinny!’ ‘This model is a real sized model she looks healthy, not plus’… and so on and so on.”

I am showing you these 3 models, all working as plus size model. Rosie, Robyn and Tara.

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