Plus size Playboy bunny!


She is also on the cover


A new step, for size acceptation. Fluvia Lacerda, plus size model, is in Playboy Brasil. She’s on the cover and a story inside. Fluvia is from Brazil and her country is very proud of her. Fluvia is a real size 48 EU. A beautiful pear shape model. I have met her once, a few years ago and she is a strong woman. And she had some heavy times, lost of her husband and she gave birth to their boy. Respect for her and I am very proud of her, that she’s on this cover. Well done, Brazil!

Fluvia on social media:
“So here it is!!! The cover is out!! I can’t even express how awesome it’s feels!!! I’m on the cover of the collectors edition that will be available for sales online on the 20th of December ( LINK BELLOW ). I’m on seriously all time high because nothing beats celebrating your body however the heck you want! Cheers to a free world, where my body and my rules are the law of the land!!!”

I also believe there was no photoshop done in these pictures. But I think on the cover they could have retouched her ‘red nose’ a bit. Specially with nude pictures, it’s very important the pictures are amazing. I am very curious how the complete editorial in Playboy will be. Available from today and you can order this on


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