Prevent modelling agencies from using very skinny women on catwalks…

The Guardian came with an article about Anorexia. New Research suggests government should prevent the use of underweight models. Governments are justified in using the law to prevent modelling agencies from using very skinny women on catwalks and stop magazines from printing adverts and photographs that suggest extreme thinness is attractive, according to research from the LSE. Young women, who make up 90% of anorexia nervosa cases, are influenced by the size and weight of their peer group (= a social group)

I think this is a good movement… healthy is the new skinny, please let models be humans and women again! A healthy size 36 or 38 is even more beautiful! Because (young) women are having a wrong way of beauty nowadays…In media, fashion, magazines and movies there should be more diversity in sizes,colors and ages!

I was in shock during the search for some anorexia images… really in shock…
Please, girls/women: don’t do this! Be proud of who you are! Be beautiful in every size!

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