Primark LOVES you!


You can win a Primark shopping voucher!

On the 11th of December Primark will open their newest shop in The Hague. Because I live in The Hague, I may give away 3 vouchers of 25 euro and 1 ticket to be a special guest at the opening.

What do you have to do for that?
Who deserves a shopping voucher for Primark? Maybe someone who had a tough year or someone who has money issues? Or a very special person. Your sister, friend, mother, neighbor, etc. It’s the end of the year and YOU can put someone in the spotlight and give something special.


Send me an email to In this email a picture of you together with the person who deserves this shopping voucher. And tell me why this person deserves it! If you are in the opportunity to come on the 11th of December to the opening in The Hague, mention this and maybe you will be a special guest! Deadline is 9th of December! Be fast!


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