Project Harpoon


A lot of discussion….


Oh oh… ‘Project Harpoon’ is a statement on Facebook. and there is a lot of discussion! Images of plus-size models and celebrities like Melissa McCarthy edited on ‘horrific’ Facebook page to look thinner – as creators claim they ‘help misguided women’. Project Harpoon is the brainchild of a 4chan user who tasked other people with using Photoshop to digitally alter images of plus-size women, including well-known models, such as Tara Lynn, Ashley Graham, influencers as Tess Holliday and celebrities like Melissa McCarthy and Meghan Trainor.


Remember FAT Celebrities ? Is it okay to photoshop thin people to look fat? NO! Of course body shaming not okay, but the pictures is also a creative statement. But the whole statement of mentioning that fat is ugly and thin is beautiful is not okay! The whole message is awful. Being skinny is the best thing! No… being healthy is the best thing for people! If you feel good about yourself, it doesn’t matter what size you are. These images only confirm the prejudices of being fat. Please.. in a size revolution there is still a lot to work on. Why don’t we just accept each other? Respect for everyBODY in every size, shape and color!


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