Proud inbetweenies in bikini

Last week in Grazia magazine: an article about being proud to wear a bikini! Okay, it’s the end of summer and the bikini is still in the spot light! I must say I have A LOT OF respect for these gorgeous inbetweenies to show their bodies in a magazine! These girls show that they are not FAT. No, they are beautiful and they accepted their body!
Some quotes:
Rachel Rutten (size 44, 22 years): “When you feel you are pretty, you are pretty. Simple is that.”
Sandra Loogman (size 48, 30 years): “Every size has got their charms”.

A few weeks ago another magazine, VIVA, showed different sizes in a black bikini. So it’s something that keeps us busy! Someone started a Facebook page: I dare to wear a bikini, also to show the world to have the guts to wear a bikini.

The problem I have with wearing bikini’s: I can’t find any nice and trendy ones! I have been complaining about it for years! Maybe next summer, someone will wake up?

The girls and their sizes…

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  • Love this!

    At a 44/46, I would so wear a bikini (I like the retro looking ones with the ruched little ‘skirt’ bottoms, and the larger tops with more coverage) but it’s so difficult to find tops with good support for “the girls” in us larger-busted gals. Any ideas?

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