Proud of all of these inbetweenies

Some curvy ladies in Dutch magazine Jackie! Gorgeous models. Proud of all of these inbetweenies, I have worked with all of them. The first 4 models are from Ego’s Models and in the story the other 2 girls are from Euro Models! The only thing: why naked??? Next time: book me and I will dress them…







  • Love the pictures and so proud that my dear friend looks so great in them! and it’s nice to see plus models naked and not afraid to show their beautiful curves šŸ˜‰ btw there is also a fashionspread with clothes that has various modelsizes combined, how cool is that, curvy and skinny together?!? curves with or without clothes as long as they are shown in their natural sexy form it’s great. the more magazines and spreads the better!!!

  • I am proud of these beautiful inbetweenies,i was also in the fashionshoot with vlohing on in the same they are moving forward xx danielle

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