‘Real life’ proportions Barbie 2.0


On NY Daily News I discovered this news about ‘Real life’ proportions Barbie 2.0. Artist Nickolay Lamm created a 3D model of Barbie if she had the proportions of an average 19-year-old woman. As a real woman, Barbie is a bombshell. She has curves in all the right places, arms that could actually lift things and feet that look like they could fit into real, adult-sized shoes. “I wanted to see if an average sized Barbie had market potential.”

With the same bright pink fashions and bleach-blond hair, Barbie 2.0 is just as pretty as Barbie 1.0. Only, she’s shaped like a real girl. “I’m pretty pleased with how the normal model looks and was personally surprised by how well she turned out,” Lamm said.

My opinion: is the neck is or too short, or a bit too thick? A little manly body? And those feet… hahaha… giants.. Do we need a doll with real body? Isn’t Barbie all about illusions and just a ‘doll’? I love the idea of having a real life barbie. It’s time for size diversity in Barbie world as well! LOL



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  • Diversity is great when it comes to dolls and media messages – but it was disappointing (although not unsurprising) to see Barbie 2.0 was still a white doll. It is not my intent to make this a race issue, but why is it that we can move beyond the body size of someone and say “all sizes are beautiful” but cannot seem to break the race barrier?

    In addition, if this is an issue about a young girl’s self esteem development, perhaps we need to ask why a young girl would seek self-approval/self-acceptance from a doll? Isn’t that indicative of a superficial, consumer driven society? That is, you cannot “buy” self-esteem, it is earned through life experience. If we encourage young girls to look at external objects to define who they are and how they see their bodies then we are already setting them up for further failure in their life.

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