Realistically shaped mannequins


So funny; many ‘friends’ were sharing this picture of the ‘average size’ mannequins to me on facebook. I already knew about this picture for a while. Didn’t write an article about it yet. But I think it’s time to do it now. Because this is a very good start to show clothes on ‘realistically shaped’ mannequins. As costumer you will get a better image about whether the clothes will suit you.
I already wrote an article about size diversity of mannequins in shops.

H&M in Sweden has installed realistically shaped mannequins in stores to show their customers what clothes will really look like off the hanger.
In the picture above you can see that two ‘classic models’ were replaced by ‘plus size models’ to give more of a ‘realistic image’ to the shopping experience. Especially for underwear it’s great to see some ‘average size models’ to compare with.

What makes these models super realistic is the diversity of body shapes. I can only encourage this, because seeing diversity in fashion is the perfect thing! Because everyone can compare themselves with these models, mannequins.

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