RESET WEEK in Kas, Turkey


And then this day comes… 1 day before my big challenge starts… my RESET-WEEK.

The past year I worked a lot and didn’t take any vacation at all. So I am really ready for relaxing. And I was thinking about having a holiday as ending a period and start all over again. A new beginning. How great it is to get fully ‘clean’. Your mind and your body. I was searching to do a detox holiday. I found Health Holidays. They are specialists in these kinds of holidays. I will go to Kas, in the south of Turkey, nearby Antalya, where it will be over 37 degrees.

The first thing everybody thinks about when you mention detox, is losing weight. And this is ABSOLUTELY NOT MY GOAL! Being a vegetarian and trying to eat healthy, this can be the last step of feeling better.
This adventure will show me a lot of borders..

Not only, the shakes and not eating. No, there are more challenges this week.
• Going ALONE!!! Never gone on holiday all by myself.
• And my addiction: SOCIAL MEDIA. I will not be blogging, no Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
• I have to sport every day, maybe 2 or even 3 times a day.
• I will not be the fashion diva on this trip
• I will meet myself again
• I want to read and write a lot, maybe even drawing, etc.
• A real reset-button

I hope I will notice that cleaning my body and soul will do a lot for me. How my skin will look like, my eyes will shine and if I will have a new type of energy.

When I come back, you can follow my RESET-WEEK-Diary. I will post every single day about my experiences. It will be very personal I think..

And I will all experience this in this paradise… and that will not be a punishment.




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