Restart MS mode


Great news for MS mode…


I am so happy MS mode is going to restart again! 95 shops of the 130 before will open again in The Netherlands in January, check which shops will go on, here. The 9th of January you can visit their shops again with the new collections. I always believed in this shop. They offer clothes in a size range, we don’t see so much anymore in the shoppingstreets of The Netherlands. Do you remember my ZARA+ post about MS mode in 2012?

Great to see this inspiration wall at MS Mode headquarter. Curvepower, goals and beautiful women. And I will work for MS mode again… I love to do and I can’t wait! What do you miss in their collection? Do you have some tips? Or what is great? What kind of skirts or dresses? What kind of styling tips would you like to see? Please let me know! 

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