Revival of 40s and 50s glamour and curves!


Why I always make most of my quotes with the vintage pin up girls, is because I really love to see women who really look like women. The picture above shows being very sexy and feminine, but also tough enough to repair her car! In the 50s women were very feminine and men were real men. I must admit, as a feminist, I love to look girly, ladylike and real feminine… but I also want to be a strong woman! I think way too many women are afraid to look feminine to send the wrong message?
Show your femininity when you have curves.

It seems curvy stars such as Adele, Christina Hendricks, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj are helping bring curves back into fashion!
Celebs like these are making curves sexy again, and there is a return trend of the 40s and 50s glamour. There seems to be a revival of hourglass plus size mannequins too. Displaysense is a supplier of fashion displays. Their spokesman, Jim Moody said: “Curves are back and set to stay this spring/summer. Lagerfeld may want size zero on his catwalk but the commercial viability of the growing plus-size clothing market is being seized by high street chains and independent retailers alike.”

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  • I have to agree I absolutely love the 40s 50s pin up look – it’s really nice to see a woman with curves and looking feminine without losing her individualism. I’m afraid I respect a woman for being feminine much more so than I do for being / acting masculine especially when feminity  (Even more so in the era portrayed here) is incredibly attractive.

    Unfortunately the only girl / woman I’ve ever known who actually had this style everyday was a wonderful person and is no longer around on the earth.

    Today few people seem to bother making any real effort to sustain this kind of personal style which is instead submerged into the ‘can’t be bothered’ modern day thoughts and values which alone is such a real shame.

    At first when I read this column I thought it was written by a guy but I’m very pleasantly surprised to see it written by a lady 🙂

    Curves and vintage ‘sexy’ is my ideal feminine portrait I wish sometimes I lived in the 50s 🙂

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