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More and more shops are waking up!!


River Island is launching RI Plus, a new offering of selected core and main fashion styles in sizes 46 to 52 EU. The collection, set to debut in early March 2016, will comprise pieces from all areas of the brand’s collection, from party and workwear to core basics and denim, and will be available in top stores as well as online.
“We’re excited about giving great fashion to more women, we feel this is the right time for the brand to expand our size range offering,” River Island marketing director Josie Roscop told us this morning. “Ultimately, it’s about fashion and being inclusive.”

Candice Huffine will be the face for River Island, a gorgeous inbetweenie and she will rock this collection!
“The fact that River Island is extending their sizing while staying true to their brand is perfection,” Candice Huffine said. “It’s clear that they have thought about a curvy woman’s body and designed accordingly, while giving her exactly what can be found on the high street at any other size. A plus-size collection doesn’t need to be made totally different, it just needs to be made to fit.”

A sketch of a look from the new RI Plus collection

Hopefully, River Island will understand what Candice said about “A plus-size collection doesn’t need to be made totally different”… and they will have the same items as the regular collection… just changed a bit the sizing/shape. I hope not to be disappointed again… as happened a few times when a straight size label announces to come with a plus size label. Fingers crossed for a great collection…

The collection arrives in store and online in March! But… check the website and you will have 50% on party clothes now some items are ‘inbetweenie-proof’!

I already shop at their shops, because the regular collection will go to size 46 EU. But most of the time the items are too small… here a selection ‘in my size, please!’

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