Robyn: “I’m a normal girl”

Inspired by ‘strong, not-too-skinny’ models of the 1990’s, like Linda Evangelista, Queen of the inbetweenies Robyn Lawley (size 40-42 EU) hopes she can be a source of inspiration for others, as well. A small interview with Robyn in People. “When I signed on as a plus-size model my friends and family were shocked because I’m a normal girl. My friends are my size. They see their bodies in mine, so it gives them hope. They can see me in a lingerie and say, ‘I want to buy that lingerie, I’ll look amazing.’ If people can relate to me, it’s a good thing.” This is exactly what I am telling the fashion world: inbetweenies are the normal size girls. But why aren’t we treated normal? But are we special? Can’t we shop in normal shops to find gorgeous clothes? With role models as Robyn, we are working all together on size diversity in fashion.

This picture: Robyn (on the left) in Persona by Marina Rinaldi, she isn’t PLUS SIZE… no, she’s an inbetweenie, a normal size woman!

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