Robyn Lawley, first ‘plus size model’ Sports Illustrated

Swimsuit Issue 2015

The Sports illustrated issue will come out tomorrow and already a lot to do around this!

On HuffingtonPost this was already announced on May the 13th! So I should have known…. no… not Ashley Graham, but the ‘queen of the inbetweenies’ Robyn Lawley will be the first ‘plus size model’ Sports Illustrated! Her name is ‘Rookie nr 6’. Robyn’s reaction to Sports Illustrated’s 2015 Swimsuit Issue: “I Just Died!”

Very disappointed in the whole Ashley Graham rumor! The paid advertisement of Swimsuits for all with Ashley Graham will be in Sports Illustrated. Not her… not a size 44-46 EU, 14-16 US. Why this whole circus? If it’s an advertisement?

Nikki Glaser on twitter: “Sports Illustrated is running an AD featuring a plus sized model. It’s not a part of the magazine itself. It’s an ad; SI was paid. SO BRAVE.”

But…. great Robyn will be in… 185m tall and a size 40-42 EU, 10-12 US. The pictures are taken when she was in an AMAZING shape… she is now pregnant by the way. Probably a perfect timing! First Sports Illustrated, then the baby! Haha…

Robyn has a healthy and sporty body. “But she not plus size”, everybody says. But if you compare Robyn to the other girls in Sports Illustrated with size zero or 2, Robyn has got a more ‘plus’ body. She has a healthier body. An ‘every day’ American body. A lot of people think when they hear the word plus size: unhealthy, out of shape, etc. Because when someone is plus, doesn’t mean they are unhealthy. And someone who is skinny doesn’t have to be healthy either. Great explanation of Liris.

34-26-35 inches are the sizes of Hannah Davis (a size 34 EU, 4 US), the girl on the cover of Sports Illustrated. 38-34-46 inches are the measurements of Liris. So this is a difference of 10 -12 inches.

On PIX11 a very clear interview with model Liris Cross. They talk about Robyn being the first ‘plus size model for Sports Illustrated. What exactly is plus size and more. Liris explains it very clear. Plus size in fashion starts at a size 38 EU, 8 US and up. And in the stores the average size is 42, 44 EU, 12, 14 US and up! Check out the Interview!


Liris: “Models should be proportionate. If you are a straight size and also the plus size models. Now it’s Robyn and hopefully next year it will be Ashley…” It’s great to see a range of sizes and a range of races , diversity is a must now-a-days!

Great end of this interview: “we all come in different shapes and sizes, mind and beauty”

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