Robyn Lawley for Galore Mag


Robyn Lawley in a great editorial for Galore Mag.

Fantastic shoot with Robyn Lawley for Galore Mag. Photography by Jacob Dekat and creative direction by Prince Chenoa. “Models come in all sizes”

How were you discovered? I was discovered by my NY agents while I was modeling in the UK.

What are your thoughts on plus versus straight-size modeling? I just feel like a model these days. I prefer no labels. It’s been an exciting time watching the lines blur. In my opinion the pendulum always swings and I’ve noticed the fashion world is opening up more to diversity.

How was it shooting with Steven Meisel for VOGUE Italia? It was a huge honor. I was scared out of my mind. I thought ‘I’m going to get dropped any second.’ He was really sweet to me and I really love the cover. He’s pretty incredible.

You are a model, chef, and businesswoman. How do you find time for it all? I’m just dedicated to work. Modelling isn’t every day so you get some down time and I prefer to fill it with doing something interesting and challenging.

What inspired you to create Robyn Lawley Swimwear? I created this purely because no one else was creating fashion forward but supportive suits in my size. I’m a water lover so I really got tired of not having anything cool to wear to the beach.









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