Robyn Lawley is model of the year!


Robyn Lawley is model of the year at Full Figure Fashion Week in New York. Congrats Robyn! You deserved it. You did a lot last year for the ‘plus size’ industry… showing that size diversity is possible! To me you are ‘the queen of the inbetweenies’!

But so sad to read a negative comment on Robyn’s Facebook page… it’s time we stop this skinny versus inbetweenie versus full figured discussion! We have to respect everyBODY! We have to promote size diversity! And love every size…

Robyn: “Lately I personally have been getting criticism for being not plus enough, and although I can somewhat understand, my size still stands at a USA 12 (Australian 16) while regular size models are between 0-6, so using a model with a size 12 body (that is the national average) is a huge step in the right direction, and we all need too support each other for more size diversity!

This was written by plus beauty blog, in response to the negative comment:
“Perhaps I am more accepting than others, or perhaps I use the term plus size broadly to describe the entirety of the ‘non-straight’ community. Either way, posting negative comments on the Facebook page of someone who, inbetweenie or not, has done so much for the promotion of body acceptance and diversity in fashion is not only counter-intuitive but also pretty shameful.”


  • I was as saddened as much as you were to read the comments on Robyn's page. It prompted me to write the post, but to be honest, I never thought anyone would read it – let alone Robyn herself!

    She's such an inspirational woman who's taken on the role of plus sized advocate (whether the label sits with her or not) – what's not to be applauded?!

    If you want to read the original post:

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