Robyn Lawley: “….love her body the way it is.”

Robyn Lawley: pink

Such an amazing shoot and great interview with Robyn Lawley (size 42 EU-12 US, 1.85m tall) for The Guardian. Sexy, but still very stylish and classy! OMG.. and I love the photography by Jon Gorrigan.

The irony is that Lawley is closer in size to the average size woman than current mega model Cara Delevingne. This perpetual dishonesty within the fashion industry frustrates her. “I feel terrible for the size 22s, 24s, who never see a woman in the public eye who represents their size, or modelling the clothes they’re being asked to buy. I hate it, but I have to remind myself that this is a start. I’m helping in a small way to move things on.”

The issue is not that models are too thin, she says: “the problem is one of variety. “Look at fashion shows. We need a range of ages and ethnicities. There are just very thin, white, 16-year-old girls on the catwalk and that has to change.” In a very literal demonstration of the higher value society puts on slim women.”

“I’ve seen the magazines, the TV shows, the celebrity articles, the same as everyone else. I’m not immune just because I’m a model. And I know they have a devastating effect on young girls. Don’t use the words fat, skinny or diet. Tell your daughter constantly that you love her body the way it is.”







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