Robyn Lawley: “Models are skinnier than ever nowadays”

An interview with gorgeous ‘Queen of the inbetweenies’ Robyn Lawley (size 40/42 EU and 1.85m) in YOU magazine of The lingerie she wears is from Boux Avenue. They have chosen 23-year-old Robyn as the embodiment of its new ‘Embrace Your Curves’ range. You can read the whole article in the Daily Mail.

Models are skinnier than ever nowadays. “I’ve heard they weigh 33 per cent less than they used to. I’m attracted to strong, healthy people. Everyone thinks the famous lingerie models are curvy, but they haven’t seen them in real life: they have a big bust but otherwise they are tiny. At the opposite end of the spectrum are the obese, whose lifestyle choices put their lives in danger, however much fast foods and diets are to blame.”


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