Robyn Lawley swim


I have been waiting a long time… for the swimwear collection of Robyn Lawley: Robyn Lawley swim. In today’s body Issue of Vogue Australia we already get a sneak peak! Nice to see swimsuits AND… finally some great bikini’s! The whole collection comes in sizes 10-20 US… available from August this year. This makes me very very happy! A swimwear collection that comes in inbetween sizes!

And another great quote of Robyn’s: ‘That guilt has got to go.. it’s a way of control against women_ and it’s created by women as well. A lot of men don’t actually care that much if you’re a size 14.’ Here she’s got a point. We women should me be more flexible kind to other women, other sizes! Men already love us in different sizes… haha!




Check out the making of-video, you can see much more of her collection!



  • well… I think that none of this swimsuits flatters a full shaped body! they cover the whole body and most of them hide even the good parts of a woman… we don't want to just cover our bodies!

  • sabes qué pasa? que si yo tuviera ese cuerpo no me pondría esos bañadores. Creo que esta chica tiene muchas posibilidades más.

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