Satchan, Ruby and Ui Ando are La Big 3!


How do ‘Marshmallow girls’ sounds like?


Remember I wrote about the Japanese magazine La Farfa and the Marshmallow girls? In Japan obese is getting more and more a ‘problem’. In Japan plus size girl are called Puniko: the Marshmallow girls. I just figured this out… it’s already an old video…but LOVE it!

Satchan, Ruby and Ui Ando are the girls from LaBig3 together they weigh over 200 kilo. Their size is larger than the average size of Japanese women. I wish I knew their sizes. But being a size 38 EU, 8 US in Japan you are already a plus size woman. In the song Pocchative, Body mo heart mo Glamorous they play with the word chubby and want to be a positive inspiration for young girls. The girls look soooo beautiful, the message is perfect.

Left to right Satchan (21 years, 163cm · 85kg) Ruby (22 years, 167cm · 70kg) en Ui Ando (years, 161cm · 71kg)

But why?? WHY???? Are the girls eating all the time, specially very unhealthy stuff.. This wasn’t needed in this video. I can’t understand Japanese, but the song sounds so positive and funny! They look FAB… the meat, sausages, wasn’t necessary. The ice-cream is a nice gimmick. They now confirm that chubby, fat girls only eat unhealthy stuff… which should not be the message.
Hopefully the next videos are just great, without food! LOL




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