Say NO to anorexia!


As you know I am promoting loving yourself and your healthy size. Unhealthy is not good, extreme obesity and anorexia are both eating disorders. The last days, anorexia was a trending topic.
A Stockholm treatment centre for eating disorders said talent scouts from modelling agencies had approached their patients outside the clinic, hoping to recruit them. “They were outside the building and waited for the girls to go out for a walk,” the director of the public institution said. How sick, disgusting and unethical is this!

Star Models, a modeling agency based in Brazil, has released a graphic new anti-anorexia ad campaign, using Photoshop to turn models into life-size fashion illustrations.
The ads, which run with the tag line ‘Say no to anorexia,’ show a fashion illustration with typically exaggerated proportions next to a model wearing the same outfit – and the same measurements.
While the models have been airbrushed to mimic the unrealistic illustrations, the ad pleads to young women: ‘You are not a sketch.’

These sketches remember me making drawings on the art school I went to. We had to draw people. Normal sizes are 1 to 7 scale, but fashion drawings are 1 to 8. ‘Fashion, it’s all about dreams and illusion’. But of course these drawing are not meant to be realistic! Come on! You surely don’t want to look like Micky Mouse or another cartoon? Think and be realistic… you are beautiful at every size you are! Don’t try to be an illusion.




  • I appreciate the intention, but campaigns like these just continue to spread the idea that anorexia is a choice, just like doing drugs or drinking and driving. You can’t say no to anorexia because it is a MENTAL ILLNESS, not a questionable lifestyle choice. Also, this campaign makes it seem like people with eating disorders are all underweight, when in reality, 2/3 are not. These problems are serious and need to be addressed by the creators of the campaign, because right now it is doing more harm than good.

  • “Obese” is *NOT* an eating disorder. You are confusing compulsive overeating with a body size. A body size is not an eating disorder.

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