Sculpturing our body

Shaping the body is something of all times and in every culture there are customs that dictate how one should look. We have listed up a few astonishing body shaping customs.

Strange customs from abroad
In ancient China for example little girls who were high-born, needed to have little precious feet which were called Lotus feet. Their toes were systematically bound to stop tem from growing. The four littlest toes were bend inwards. Eventually the toes broke and were pushed further back underneath the feet. The feet were often not more than 15 centimetres (or 5.9 inches). To compare: the European shoe size 36 fits feet that are 18 centimetres.
lotus feet

Another habit from a far are the neck rings. This kind of jewellery consists of many rings that are worn around the neck and because of their weight they push donw the clavicles to cause the impression of a longer neck. It’s a custom of the Padaung women. They often start with the first rings at the age of two.


Body shaping in Europe
In our regions the most known clothing item to shape the body are corsets. In the early days they were stiffened by the baleen of the baleen whale. And the end of the nineteenth and in the early twentieth century especially the S-curve was popular amongst women. It pushed the bottom behind and pushed up the breasts and made the body in profile go as an S.


Thankfully corsets are left in the past and nowadays the shaping of the body by clothing has become less painful. The body shape woman desire is the hour glass and many tips and tricks are shared to obtain this body shape.


The most known way to shape your body into form are the correcting undergarments. Thanks to Trinny and Susannah we all know the magic knickers that transform a women’s body and evenly important the boobs. Another way we all know to trick the eyes are push-up bras. These helping hands offer us a cup and a push to feel confident and pretty.

When looking at fashion the shoulder pads are another known instrument to change a woman’s shape. Although it might be in the past for now, it might return sooner than you think. By putting on heels we finish the look and make ourselves bigger on the outside so we can feel bigger on the inside too.

shoulder pads

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