Selfridges celebrates everyBODY


Kathryn Ferguson would love people to feel inspired by these women

Check this video… I already wrote before about the everybody campaign of Selfridges.
In the video Michèle Lamy, model and body activist Naomi Shimada, WAH’s Sharmadean Reid, trans activist Charlie Craggs and Rusqsana Begum, a Thai boxing champion and designer of a hijab activewear collection, all strip back and pose in underwear whilst frankly discussing the unique perspective they have with their bodies and themselves.

Kathryn Ferguson, director of the film comments ” For so long underwear advertising has been dominated by sexualised imagery of women in heightened poses and impossible designs. When in reality, this is worlds apart from the everyday act of putting on your pants and the choices we make in the morning. I hope the film helps to cut through the noise and show amazing women appearing stripped back, as they are, speaking truthfully. All five have achieved great things and for that reason I wanted to go back to basics – finding out how they felt about themselves. I would love people to feel inspired by these women; leaving them more positive and celebratory of their own bodies.”

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