SHNS and the city…. part 1


Oh,boy!! Yesterday I had a great 1st day here in New York! I am sooo in love with this city. The day started with me meeting with Aimee from Madison Plus. So fantastic to finally see her in real life. I had some pancakes for ‘brunch’. After this meeting I went to MUSE NYC… to meet with gorgeous booker Becca. It was great to see the agency and see the cards of all these great inbetweenies!

I was at MUSE for a reason! I wanted to check which models could fit the editorial shoots I have planned for the next days. Together with photographer Suzanne Rensink we are going to do some great fashion shoots over here!

Rushing back to the apartment… to prep and check some clothes for the event that evening: Madison Plus Select. My label was represented there! Am I dreaming? So proud to have my clothes shown to all these great people! All gorgeous and proud women. I met Meaghan from Little Lime dress and Liz Black from PS it’s fashion, and also Kaela Humphies, who’s a model with Ford+.

I’m wearing my own floral skirt:


My meeting with Aimee:

Meeting with Becca at the agency:



Suzanne and me… funny faces!!


SO cool, Kaela Humphies is wearing my white blazer!


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