SHNS and the city…. part 6

Justine, me and Jessica…

Saturday was the day of size diversity in the city! Photographer Suzanne and I did a street photoshoot with 3 models, all of different sizes. Grace, Jessica and Justine, all from MUSE NYC. I love the variety of types, hair colors and sizes. Love to see that it does work. Creating a cool fashion editorial feel with these inbetweenies!

The results are amazing! Can’t wait to show you all… but you have to be patient. After the shoot, I did some speed shopping… bras at Lane Bryant and a bikini at Old Navy. Still feel sad I haven’t found my sneakers over there..


Gorgeous and crazy girl Grace:

Jessica and me. Like if you see Suzanne!

Justine in my flower dress:

Check out Meaghans sunglasses! Hihi…

At Macy’s:

Beautiful streets of NYC…

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