SHNS and the city…. part 7


Backstage photo of me, the model and make up artist!

Last day in New York city… was a heavy one! That day we did another shoot. We worked with this gorgeous straight size model from IMG models and did a really cool graffiti shoot in our area, around our apartment in Williamsburg. We took the last picture at 1 pm and at 2 pm I already had to take my taxi to the airport. Very stressful, but absolutely worth it!

The story is a real and cool high end editorial! The clothes really blended with the backgrounds…
It was a week I will never forget! A week of meeting great people… working with a lot of models, all of different sizes! And I love it! Thanx for having this great opportunity.





I left my autograph behind here in New York City! And I will be back… soon!


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