SHNS and the city!


Today I am going to NYC! When you’re reading this, I am probably aleady up in the air! This time on an airplane… haha! In my mind I’m still floating because I am still excited about the past 2 weeks. I promise you you will be able to follow my adventures in NYC. Like SEX and the city: SHNS (StyleHasNoSize) and the city! My trips to NYC are always very exciting. Especially this time.

Together with photographer Suzanne Rensink I am going to do different kind of photoshoots. Among others for Madison Plus, you’ll hear more about this soon! I’m soooo excited to meet some famous inbetweenie models over there! Can’t wait… can’t wait. And yes, I will post backstage pictures on my blog.. so keep following me, especially this week. I am ready for NYC… but is NYC ready for me? LOL

Suitcases are full of clothes… not only to dress myself! Haha! No… for all the fashion shoots I plan to do!

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