Primark Xmas

Only 2 weeks till Xmas… do you already know what you are going to wear? Here’s a small impression from Primarks Xmas collection. Primark is very inbetweenie proof. Everything comes in size 34 to size 46 EU. I love the suits, the blue dress, omg… the pink boots, 28 euro … and Mickey heels for only 19 euro. I wish I could walk in these high heels.

I have some favourites, you can wear these items also after Xmas. I love to wear glitters and party clothes whole year long. Because every day is a party! “Life is a party, dress like it”

Here are my favourites:

Jacket, 30 euro and trousers 18 euro

Blue dress, 17 euro and glasses 4 euro

Jacket, 25 euro, trousers, 17 euro and belt5 euro

Dress, 17 euro and bodysuit 10 euro, pink boots 28 euro

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