“Shocking” skinniness of a mannequin in Top shop

Becky Hopper, topshop, skinny, mannequin

Too skinny, too fat? But what is the solution?

Topshop is at the centre of a row over body image after a photograph which compared the “shocking” skinniness of a mannequin to a “normal girl” in one of their stores went viral because of the tweet from Becky Hopper. And there’s another mannequin size discussion!

Dreams and illusion
Fashion is all about dreams and illusion… so what is the dream? What is the illusion? Dream to achieve a very skinny body? The illusion, you can never be this skinny? On the runways models in ages of 15-17 have this size and shape! They are also not the reflection of reality. And pret-a-porter should be wearable by ‘real women’. Clothes in shops are also for ‘real women’ with ‘real bodies’. These should be realistic and wearable!

Very good that Becky Hopper noticed that the mannequins at Topshop have very skinny legs. But this is not new. I have found a picture of Topshop mannequins in 2012 and there were these already this skinny.

Becky Hopper photographed her friend, who is a size 8-10 UK/36-38EU, standing next to the model at the Topshop store in St Stephen’s shopping centre, Hull. “I was shocked. I’d never seen one so skinny before.”

Becky Hopper, topshop, skinny, mannequin

More quotes from Becky Hopper:
“First of all I think people deserve some kind of response. They should look at the mannequins because they are not the best portrayal of women’s bodies.”

“It is fine for us because we’re relatively body confident but many teenage girls really struggle”.

“It is absolutely not about that: it’s about the mannequin and how there isn’t a variety of shapes in the shops.”

Becky Hopper, topshop, skinny, mannequin

The mannequins are this skinny for a while now, this is 2012:
Becky Hopper, topshop, skinny, mannequin

But it’s never good… too skinny, too fat. What will be the solution? Size diversity… yes! I am saying this already for many years. And I wrote about this already a few times. Realistically shaped mannequins, Size diversity of mannequins in shops, Revival of 40s and 50s glamour and curves! It’s time that shops like Topshop, which sells sometimes a size 16UK, 44 EU, 14US as largest size also have to show this size. Next to a size 34EU and maybe a size 38EU. So everyone will recognize themselves in one of these dolls.

Another note to Topshop! Please, extend your clothes to at least a size 18UK, 46EU. This will even make more women happy! Specially in the UK. Everyone is already used a lot of shops have extend their sizes to at least size 46EU, 48EU. Shops like Primark, Newlook, Dorothy Perkins, etc.

My opinion is to make the mannequins more abstract. So you can’t compare yourself. Like And other Stories does in their shops. Sizeless. But the question will be: “how will it look in my body?”

Anyway… what do you think will be the solution? How would you like to see the mannequins in shops?

Becky Hopper, topshop, skinny, mannequin, and other stories, new style mannequin

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