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Last week I was on Dutch tv program koffietijd. Mother Simone and (inbetweenie) daughter Linda got underwear advice and new outfit styled by me. Mother Simone always wears jeans and trousers, but her daughter wanted to see her dressed more feminine. I believe in the ‘better version’, not in make overs. So I have decided to go for a jumpsuit. Very stylish, but not too girly. Perfect for her.
Daughter Linda is a gorgeous inbetweenie. I have chosen for a white shirt and pencil skirt. Perfect for her body shape. And very feminine..

Everything starts with good underwear. The perfect bra. Linda was wearing a shape wear dress. And wearing a good size bra, you can look a size smaller.

Check the video here!


The result: Simone is wearing a jumpsuit from Costes.

Linda is wearing a T shirt and skirt from Steps.

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