Shopping at Xandres X Line Antwerp

I went to Antwerp

Xandres is a beautiful Belgium brand, and there’s also Xandres X Line, the plus size collection. Most of the items will come in both collections. For me, being an inbetweenie, it’s possible to shop both collections. For the bottoms, I really need the X line. Xandres goes up t a size 46 EU, for tops/blouses and coats I can also shop here. The X line collection starts at 44 EU and has a different shape. A little more ‘curvy proof’.

You can see the difference between both collections in this top, left is X line top.

Xandres asked me to check their new autumn/winter collection and create a look, I went 2 weeks ago to Antwerp. There are 2 stores, Xandres and Xandres X Line in Antwerp, very nearby. Together with Els Sprenkeling, Yasmine Gherbi and Marianne Nykjaer. (from L to R)

As a child in a candy shop, I was looking at all the beautiful clothes. I must admit, I already checked their website, but in the shop, I got much more inspired. because of feeling the fabrics and get inspired by the shop. My experience as stylist, I first make a round in the shop, I will pick out some outspoken items, and then the styling part starts!
I created some different looks which I liked. Ilove to mix prints. Finally I have chosen the oversized cardigan, bright blue and gold, over a paisley print top on a red pair of trousers! I love the ‘RED TREND’ this season. So, I am sure these trousers will be a hot item in my closet!
As you might know, I love to create the Gucci style into my looks, it’s bit my signature. Unfortunately Gucci doesn’t come in my size, so I have to create it with items from different shops. Yes, I have the Gucci belt and I am a very proud owner of some Gucci bags.

Wearing a size 52 EU, I prefer the oversized/loose fit look! A size 48 EU was okay, 50 EU a bit better..

And this is the cardigan

This week my look here on SHNS and on instagram! Keep an eye on my website this week!

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