2. Fashion Doctor: What’s the best party dress?


I was wearing 3 dresses, and check out what will be the perfect one!

“Hallo Deutschland…..”
Last week I was in Munchen invited by Stylight for the launch of their magazine. And we recorded 2 videos and 1 of these I am showing you today. What’s the best party dress for me?

I show you that clothes should make you look better. Making you the better version of yourself. Of course you have your own freedom and choice to wear whatever you like. But I think choosing the best shape for your body, makes everything look better! And I am still in love with the 1st one! The print, the fabric…
And what’s even more important, choose a dress which suits your personality!

Make sure your body is in ‘balance’. Create or show your waistline. In all of these 3 dresses, you can see my waistline. And that’s very important. And beside the waistline, it’s very important you show your body in the right way. I must admit, I am not used to wear these very tight and fitted clothes… but I felt very good in it! In this 3rd dress you can really see my body very well. The shape, the color and the great details make it work!
“…..Biss später!!” LOL

If YOU have a question. You struggle with something. Your shape, size, style…. send me an email: edith@stylehasnosize.com and hopefully I can help you feeling better about yourself! Hope to hear from YOU!
The Fashion Doctor!

Check out the video:

Dress 1, Asos from the regular collection in size 18 UK
Dress 2, Zizzi in size M
Dress 3, Asos from the regular collection in size 18 UK

Some backstage pictures, during making this video!



I was showing this picture on Instagram and I asked YOU, which shape is better for me. And the opinions wear very the same. You loved both ways, but I hope you can see the difference on the video, right now!

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