Do you like sporty?

When I think about sporty style, curvy women or inbetweenies are the last thing that come to mind. When you’re talking about sporty, I think it’s more like a derivative of sportswear. So sporty influences in garments. Like a dress with influences from the tennis scene. Or a skirt with a hint of hockey. Even sporty chic is something I can relate to. But sportswear is something I’ll wear only when I’m going to the gym. It’s not a style you’ll see in my wardrobe!
Sporty and fuller or curvy don’t really go together, in my opinion. They’re often baggy items that do nothing for the curvy body. So watch out that you don’t go overboard by going sporty all the way. You’ll end up looking like an American tourist or trailertrash. What you wear in the comfort of your own home, that’s up to you of course! Even if it’s sweatpants with a square fleece jumper!

So be inspired by the sport scene, but don’t wear it head to toe. A way to go, for instance, is a nice simple shirt on some tight jeans with heels.

1.Look for sporty derivative items
2.Shape is everything, so don’t go for square
3.Dress it up with stylish accessories and heels
4.The simpler the more stylish
5.Mix up sporty with edgy or go feminine

TIP! Go for an item made out of a sporty fabric, that can be cute. Totally ripped out of context because of the choice of material.

1.Literally wear sportswear
2.Baggy items (oversized)
3.Watch out with ‘downdressing’ there’s a risk of looking sloppy and frumpy
4.Don’t overexaggerate with sporty elements
5.Follow the trend without staying true to your own style

TIP! This trend can make you look bigger than you actually are, so be careful for that!

Problem areas
1.Large chest area: T-shirts tend to have a very high neckline. Look for a shirt that has a wider neckline or V-neck.
2.Bigger upper arms: pick a jacket made of, for instance, jersey. This creates the sporty effect because of the material. It’s often stretchy, which works wonders for your upper arms.
3.Tummy: Watch out with tops that are too wide around your tummy and have an elasticated waistband on your hips. This accentuates your tummy! Also don’t wear tapered shirts.
4.Wide hips: Wear a top that goes out a little. Wear a slighty longer shirt on a skinny jeans in a light colour. Style it with heels or wedges. A dress is the ultimate garment and hides your hips very well! Of course these dresses also exist in a sporty style, especially when they are made from jersey. Comfy and cute.

ULTIMATE TIP! Sneakers with invisible wedges are HOT (Isabel Marant started with this shape and there are a lot of cheaper copies around now). So if you’re not that tall and you want to wear sneakers, it’s best to go with these ones. You’ll look taller, and slimmer. But watch out, it can also look very plump. Think about what you’re going to wear it with. It looks best under a skinny jeans! Personally I am going to skip this trend!


  • Ik vind de sneakers het einde! 🙂 Ik was 2 weken geleden in Parijs, en daar lopen al heel wat meiden ermee… dus dat wordt wel een hot item deze herfst! 🙂

  • Lovely Post! I’m not much af a sportswear junky but the sneakerwedges I love. Have two pairs and compine them with smart jeans and jackets.


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