Give me some curves!

Peplums have twisted and turned their way out of the ’40s, bounded past the ’80s, and landed in the 2012! It won’t make you look thin, men don’t find it sexy. But why has it become a fashion hit? Probably because it gives you some curves… Here some shop-tips for you inbetweenies! Are you going for peplums next season?

What are peplums?
Peplums started out life in the 1800′s as short overskirts that flounced out from the waist. The general definition holds true, though in the 20th century they became attached to the waists of jackets or skirts as structured frills that accented the hips. In 1947 Christian Dior debuted the ‘Bar’ suit, which formed an iconic part of the ‘New Look’, bringing a nipped-in waist and padded.

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  • ik houd van peplums met mijn maat 44. ze zorgen dat ik slanker lijk.
    deze heb ik al:http:

    (de linkse zwart witte)

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