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The friday before easter and I will write about my latest obsession! Pastel and metallic summer shoes! They are so cute and lovely. Normally you are used, I love these unflattering men shoes. But now I am in these fairytale shoes period. Haha… Every shoes which has a pastel color. Or metallic shoes, I need them. Lately I bought a lot of shoes in this style. (see picture above)

Completely easter-style shoes…. so sad this easter, the weather is really cold. I heard on the news, it will be even colder with easter than it was with Xmas. haha! Omg… But, I love to wear sandals also with cute socks. That will be my style these days.

I will give you some tips where to buy the shoes! Very surprised about H&M, they offer online shoes in size 42 EU, but in the store the largest is a size 41 EU. Beside H&M, I am a huge fan of Zara. Most of the time in the shop the largest size is 41 EU. Sometimes you can find a size 42. Very happy with Primark, every single shoes will come in 42, and sometimes even in size 43.

On my wishlist, is the Gucci shoe family. I want every single piece! From now available at de Bijenkorf! Me happy girl! I have a total Gucci crush!

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My fave shop of last seasons: Zara, my latest cuties are these:

And I also love River Island, the clothes but definitely the shoes. Sometimes even in size 42! I have the silver color sandals (see picture on the top of this article) . Check my favourites:

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And I also noticed on Zalando, they have some cuties

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