Turtleneck inspiration!


How to wear te turtleneck


I have made different styling videos for Samoon, and this time I will show you one of them. In all videos I speak English, I hope you will understand me good enough! More about my collaboration with Samoon. This time the turtleneck.



The 1st one is the turtle neck. I have loved these all my life. And last year we already saw them and this season we see them even more. Turtleneck sweaters, dresses.. love them! These items are not only fashionable and a classic item, they are also nice warm and comfy! Turtlenecks never go out of fashion…

Turtlenecks are a perfect basic item for an amazing look. See my inspirations. And this is how I would wear it.

The 1st is more girly, French style.

And the 2nd is more a tough combination.

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