Sick social media body goal challenges


Pfff… It all started a few years ago with the thigh gap…

Social media is very positive for the society. We finally see size diversity. Bloggers in all kind of sizes, colors and ages. Everyone can be an influencer. But… there are so many ‘sick’ social media body goal challenges the last years.

To the ‘thigh gap’ craziness in 2013, I had this answer: No ‘thigh gap’, No problem!

And what about this whole ‘how to get a bikini body’campaign? I already wrote about this in 2013.

This year ‘are you beach body ready? This is my answer:

Last week there was the belly button challenge. And today I heard about the collarbone coin challenge. A social media hype, which are not healthy. And please… to all (young) girls and women… don’t try this at home!

The belly button challenge
It began in China but is now uncontained, and involves many thousands of mostly young people posting self-portraits while trying to reach an arm behind their back and around to touch their belly button. A successful attempt is met with praise and affirmation, under the pretense that the challenge is a test of health and fitness. You are thin enough to reach around yourself, ‘so you must be okay’. The reactionary hashtag #boobsoverbellybuttons took off as a body-positive alternative.



The collarbone coin challenge
Who needs a wallet? China goes wild at new social media challenge as thousands upload selfies to show how many coins they can hold with their collarbones. The challenge post claims that the more coins you hold, the better your figure is. And coins must be kept standing up as much as possible.



And this is my answer: “I prefer to have 1 coin in my hand instead of 10 in my collarbone”

In the end all of these challenges or measurements, BMI, weight…. doesn’t say anything about how you feel. If you feel healthy, happy or fit. It’s your own mindset. “Admire someone else’s beauty without questioning your own”


  • We are with you, these types of challenges are harmful mentally and physically,. That is a perfect quote "admire another's beauty without measuring your own" we are each unique and amazing individuals xxx

    • Dear Edith,

      great article and great opinion!

      I really appreciate it, that you’re changing the world with your ideas and homepage! Please go on like that, great work!

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