Simply Be plus size tips


Here you see two gorgeous girls Danielle and Callie with some tips for you!

Simply Be comes with top bloggers ‘Tips & Giggles’ videos and the 1st one is with Danielle Vanier of daniellevanier and Callie Thorpe of fromthecornersofthecurve

5 tips from the girls:
1. Push your boundaries
as I told many times… accept your flaws. Everyone’s knees are ugly. Accept your arms, your legs… embrace them.
2. Invest in yourself
You are worth it… give yourself a present sometimes.. don’t wait till you have lost weight!
3. Document your outfits
Selfies are not there just for fun, no… you can have a look at yourself how gorgeous you are!
4. Say no to negativity
It’s not easy ignoring negative comments. Try to focus on the positive and beautiful comments!
5. Take compliments
The person took the step to give you a compliment, take it… then!

Check out their video with their message and tips:

Danielle Vanier

Callie Thorpe

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