Size diversity for Sports Illustrated !


A small step for fashion, a huge step for size diversity!

I was waiting for this for a long time…. when would be the day that a ‘plus size’ model will be in this range of models for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition… And yesterday I heard the news. For me a bit emotional, because this is a new break through for size acceptance and size diversity. Two things I am working on for years. And it’s about time!!!!! Last year I already made a little jump in the air, when Kate Upton was one of the models.

On February 9 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition will show the sexy bikini models. For the first time ever, there is another size model! Inbetweenie model Ashley Graham is celebrating her curves in a sexy string bikini.

Graham wears a black string bikini in an ad campaign for SwimsuitsForAll, now the whole video!

The next huge step would be showing these gorgeous inbetweenies totally ‘in shape’ on the runway together with the other Victoria Secret Angels… maybe… who knows? I hope… some day…. I strongly believe in this goal… and then I will be there and see it live! Haha! When Sports Illustrated can do it, it’s just a small step! Sexy is not a size!

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