Size diversity rules!


Size diversity is a mission I have been working on for a long time now. Many people are sharing this mission with me, more and more. Miranda Koelemeijer, owner of Maxi Me Models, also shares this message! She tells her story in todays newspaper Spits. She also says the same as me: ‘plus size models’ aren’t plus size. No, these women are average size women. Call them inbetweenies! Too large for straight size and too small for plus size. It’s time to see a reflection of the ‘reality’. It is wrong that the models we see all the time on the runway and in magazines, are 15-17 years old. And only 7% of women all over the world have this size. And as long as the fashion industry is not changing… I will keep telling you this: “time for size diversity”!!!


Bo, size 42 EU, 12 US

Kirsten, size 44 EU, 14 US

Charlotte, size 42 EU, 12 US

Paula, size 40-42 EU, 10-12 US

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