Skin colour diversity!

Amazing campaign from Asos, to show undies in all skin colours. Different models. And what I also love is to see size 40 EU between the size 36 EU. The girl with the afro, 2nd from left is Keesha. I worked with her for the shoot of See Rose Go. A gorgeous girl. She has just started and is a new face in the industry, I told her.. you will work a lot, believe me! And now I see her in this amazing picture…
We are going to see Keesha, more and more!

And believe me, this is how the future will be in fashion. We will see more and more models in size 40/42/44 EU mixed in the straight size fashion. And this is what I have believed in all these years and now it’s going to happen! Slowly, but yeahhh!!

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