Sophie Sheppard is ‘Maxilicious’!

Sophie Sheppard - Maxi Magazine1

Gorgeous Sophie Sheppard (size 44-46 EU/ 14/18 US) in a beautiful editorial in the latest issue of Germany’s Maxi Magazine. My opinion: styling was done in the right way! Not oversized, nicely fitted and really fashionable! Well done. I can’t stand models who have to look ‘bigger’ than they are in reality, just because they don’t look ‘big’ enough.

In this editorial you can see, that you can wear everything you want! Prints, colours, pencil skirts, etc. It depends on how you wear it! Well done, Maxi Magazine… And to all ‘normal’ magazines.. it could be on your pages as well!

Sophie Sheppard - Maxi Magazine2

Sophie Sheppard - Maxi Magazine3

Sophie Sheppard - Maxi Magazine4

On the right Dutch inbetweenie Tess Henstra:
Sophie Sheppard - Maxi Magazine5

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