‘Special treatment’

I already wrote an article about the styling of The Voice of Holland. And today I was in the news. Newspaper Spits asked me about my opinion. As I said before: I have a lot of respect for the stylist, Chantal Bles, to arrange soooo many outfits for the live show. And it’s really hard to create the perfect outfits for so many candidates. But I think this program should hire several stylists. I think women above size 40 need ‘special treatment’. These women have curves: breasts and butts. Next time Trinny & Susannah?

This time it was about the PINK dress of Laurrhie Brouns. I must say: I didn’t see the program. As you know I NEVER watch, because I don’t agree with the concept. It’s about THE VOICE and not THE LOOKS. But again getting tweets from people: ‘what do you think? You have to style her’ and more.

Finally women above size 38 (EU) on national TV. And again everyone is only talking about their body, clothes and looks. I think it’s a sad thing. Because it’s about time for some size diversity and acceptance in the media! And of course better styling advice!

Laurrhie Brouns: wear shape wear or a better shape dress for your body.

Pomme van de Ven, just take off this too short jacket and it’s perfect!

Barbara Straathof: if it works for Adele, the sober style, it will work for you! Just throw away the necklace!


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