Star Tess Holiday in Marie Claire UK!

tess holiday in marie claire Uk

Tess Holiday in a Marie Claire editorial

tess holiday in marie claire Uk

Tess Holiday in Marie Claire UK. I keep telling Tess is not a model, but a influencer… nothing wrong with that. It’s great to see size diversity, specially in the plus size industry.
A lot of bloggers and big influencers like Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jagger, Gigi Hadid are no models.. but social media-models… that’s how I call them. Tess Holiday is also a social media-model, a charactere. And it’s great to show this kind of women and a diversity of women in the media, in fashion! And in the plus size industry we see a lot of bloggers who are having collaborations with brand… yes… me too… and NO… I am not a model… haha!

Size 26 Tess Holliday stars in sultry high fashion shoot she hopes will make Brits more accepting of plus-size, as she admits people call her ‘disgusting’ and ‘lazy’. But my opinion is she will not make people accept her more… because she still makes this ‘fat statement’, not wearing many clothes, having extreme tattoos… not an average size woman…

On the other side fantastic Marie Claire has published this editorial with Tess… to make this statement. Photography Diana Gomez. And my compliments to the set dresser!! Omg the location is AMAZING! I can’t say much about the clothes… because she is just wearing a shape wear dress and a bra… very difficult to get marie claire level high end clothes in a size 52 EU, 22 US. My experience… it’s already hard to find high end clothes in size 42-44 EU, 12-14 US. My struggling all the time, when I want to make editorials with inbetweenie models.

Discussing her latest coup, the self-proclaimed body confidence activist said: ‘You guys need this. The States are more accommodating to fat people, there are more plus-sized clothing labels, and people talk openly about it.
‘I’ve noticed that a lot of people who criticise me are from the UK, both in the press and on social media. Since I’ve been here, I’ve gotten a lot of stares on the street, but in the States, people always come up to me and say, “I love your hair” or “I love your dress, you’re so cute”.

She does, however, admit that she, along with her fellow plus-size models, still get abuse on social media.
‘People think we’re disgusting,’ she said. ‘They automatically think we’re lazy, when I work hard and I’m constantly on my feet. ‘But I do have moments, like for this shoot, when I get ready and feel self-conscious. I’ve got this really tight dress on, and my stomach’s not flat, clearly. ‘I’m a normal person, but people see me as this person who’s not really real, almost like I don’t have feelings. They think they can treat me any way they want to.’

And, reveals Tess, the abuse she receives today is nothing new. Speaking candidly about her turbulent childhood, she said: ‘People hated me. I would receive death threats, as a kid. ‘I have no friends from high school. That was probably the reason I ended up dropping out, and I dealt with that by eating.’ She may have endured years of abuse at the hands of bullies and faced constant rejection from the fashion world, but as this latest magazine coup proves, Tess is certainly having the last laugh.

tess holiday in marie claire Uk tess holiday in marie claire Uk

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