Stephanie Zwicky X La Halle

Stephanie Zwicky, Le Blog de Big Beauty, made a capsule collection of 17 pieces in sizes 46 to 58/50 EU. A collection for La Halle available from today!
e signe une collection capsule de 17 pièces du 46 au 58/60 qui sortira en ligne sur le 15 novembre et en boutique le 29 novembre!!

So happy for Stephanie to see this collection. It looks very beautiful. I have met Stephanie in person and she’s my ‘dragon sister’, we are born in the same dragon year! (girls from ’76) Very proud of her and I love the items! Almost everything is in black. Fantastic for Xmas or a party look! My favourite piece is the grey oversized blazer! Prices start from 15 euro to 39 euro. Very low prices… give it a try! (only available in France and Swiss)

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