Stop talking about ‘plus size’


We should stop talking about plus size, when we see an inbetweenie, an average size woman!

Aimee Cheshire owner of Hey Gorgeous interviewed for Fashionista. And also Daily Mail wrote about this interview. I know Aimee already for a few years. We even worked together for her first website Madison Plus. You could buy my own label e years ago. We discussed this issue many times. The largest group of women is a size 42-26 EU, 12-16 US. I call them inbetweenies, I prefer this more than ‘average size’. Who wants to be called ‘average’? Haha…

‘We did find that a lot of women, especially those who are sizes 14 or 16, do not identify themselves as plus sized, so they are just living life as they are and they can fit into some clothes, or can’t,’

‘We also found that customers do not necessarily want the term ‘plus’ in the name of the brand because then it will be calling them out to what they are and not everyone has embraced their size.’


At a size 12, Robyn Lawley (1.85m tall) is just barely plus-size in the modeling world, and she marketed her swimwear to the ‘average’ woman that is, sizes 8 through 18.

9 different body types… I think it’s not normal to call nr 5 chubby, this is also average, an inbetweenie

In recent months there has been a huge increase in the number of brands opting to extend their regular size ranges in order to include a wider variety of options, rather than branching out and creating a separate line targeted specifically at larger customers. And this is my mission! Straight size brands extend their size range to at least 46 EU, 16 US… I prefer to go to size 48 EU, 18 US. Then the largest group of women can shop.Let’s start plus size start at size 48EU, 18 US. These women have different body types compared to the inbetweenies or smaller sizes. Brands like Marks and Spencer, Dorothy Perkens show us that it is possible. To create an collection from size 36-48, even a size 50, 52 EU. For me very clear it’s not an illusion anymore…

Kelly Osbourne, who also came with her own label (sizes 0 to 24 US ): ‘It’s really unfair that America has this disillusion that the most common size is size 14, and that’s only because that’s as big as most fashion designers go.’


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  • I am going to be blunt. If you are above the healthy BMI then you are plus sized. That’s it, nothing else too it.
    I am above a healthy BMI so I am in-fact a plus sized person but I would be what this article has called an “inbetweenie”, this title would fit me in the way you are showing/explaining it.
    There’s nothing to obviously wrong with being plus sized, just means that me and hundreds of millions of people have a higher chance at an early death then a healthy person does.

    All I ask here is not to to give a new more accepting name to something that is more serious.
    You shouldn’t accept not being healthy.

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