Stop using the word ‘plus size’ !


This is what Robyn Lawley posted on Facebook:
“The reason why I truly don’t like being called “plus size” is because I’m worried girls and women will look at the label the fashion industry has given me and compare their bodies to mine. For example, I often see women commenting, “if she is plus size what does that make me?”
It saddens me that women, especially young and impressionable girls, are bombarded with very certain body types and labels, that our society unfortunately dictates we should be. It took me years to get this notion out of my head and to look at my body and say “no, it’s fine the way it is. I do not need to change, and no, I’m not plus size.”

I feel a women shouldn’t have to go into a department store and be segregated into a “plus size” section, hence why I think the label “plus size” is derogatory. Their size should be included on the racks like everyone else. I’m trying to do this with my own swimwear label. My intention is not to offend the community that continually supports me and who has put my career on the map, when no fashion labels would. I feel a social responsibility to promote size diversity. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, it always has and always will.”

On Cosmopolitan: Why the World’s Most Famous plus-size model Robyn doesn’t want to be a plus-sized model anymore. Robyn: “Fashion designers won’t go past a size two, so there’s no size diversity — just none. So there’s a whole no-man’s land of models who are in between the ‘straight size’ and the ‘plus-size’ and they are not working, yet they’ve got these amazing bodies that are completely in proportion.”

And I totally agree… I think it’s time sizes 42, 44, 46 should be more seen in the straight size fashion. And the ‘real plus size’ will start at size 48 EU/18 US or 50 Eu/20 US. This is something I am saying for years now. I made a graphic year ago: “we should stop talking about plus size, when we see an inbetweenie” . Yes, stop calling plus size to average size women!


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